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About the show
Although CATS is going to be a show full of dance (enough to keep the most experienced dancers happy), it is by no means only for dancers.

Every song will have its own approach; some with full-on dancing, some acted through, some involving the whole company and some with smaller groups or solos. The only movement requirement for all is that you are happy to step out of your comfort zone and experiment with the physicality of being a cat.

Performance dates for the show will be 7-16 June 2018 at the Mumford Theatre, Cambridge.

Rehearsals start on 6 March, and fall on Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday evenings, all at Christ the Redeemer Church. There will also be a few weekend rehearsals, and these will be arranged once the team know cast availability.

Not everyone will be called to every rehearsal (until much later in the rehearsal process), but expect to be called to one or two nights per week.

The audition process
For your audition, please prepare a musical theatre song of your choice. The production team want to be able to hear you sing at your best, so pick something that shows off your voice and that you’re able to enjoy. It should be a song you can ‘act’ through so as to show off your acting ability as well. You may be asked to do it a couple of times with different direction so the team can see your versatility. Bring along sheet music with you, ideally taped and folded in concertina style, so that it’s easier for the accompanist to play.

During your singing audition, you’ll also undertake a range check (to see how high and low you can sing), and a harmony check (to see how quickly you can learn). You can’t ‘fail’ either of these things! It just helps the team understand how they’ll need to work with the final cast.

Please also bring a recent headshot, along with your completed audition form (which you’ll be sent when you request your audition).

As well as your solo singing audition, there will be a group dance audition. This will take around 30-40 minutes, taking place within a maximum of an hour or so of your singing audition. You may therefore have to arrive significantly earlier than, or stay on after, your singing audition, but all timings will be confirmed to you when you book your slot.

The production team are not asking anyone to audition for specific roles, because of the nature of the production, so just relax, and show your character and talent!

All audition sessions will take place at Christ The Redeemer Church, Newmarket Road, Cambridge, CB5 8RS. There is plenty of parking at the venue.

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Best of luck!