Production Team
Cat Nicol – Director
Ana Sanderson – Musical Director

Audition Dates
Sunday 13 August – afternoon (time and venue tbc)
Monday 21 August – evening (time and venue tbc)  NOW FULL
Wednesday 30 August – evening (time and venue tbc)

If you are unable to make either of these dates, the audition panel may still be able to accommodate you on another day.

To book an audition, please email committee member Rich Evans with a preferred date. You will be sent an audition form and password to download the audition material from this site.

Information from the Production Team
The show was originally performed in 1970 with major revivals in 1996 (upon which the current libretto is based).  We’ll be setting it in the present day.

A defining ‘concept’ musical of its time, the show does not have a plot as such, instead it focuses on the main character of Bobby and his on/off relationships with his girlfriends as well as the varied relationships of his married friends.  Much of the action is told in flashbacks, and some of it essentially happens in Bobby’s head, as he struggles with the question of commitment and whether or not he actually wants to share his life with someone.

Company is very much an ensemble and character driven show and everyone in it should expect to be on stage for a significant amount of the time!  There is also a big dance number in act two which will involve most if not all of the characters.

Please see below for short character summaries and rough playing ages, however we are very open to considering all ages for the different parts so don’t let the guide ages put you off!  We want to see what you can bring to the character more than anything else.


Robert (Bobby) – The central character in the show, Bobby is a 35-year-old commitment-phobe who is hounded by his many friends for still being single, despite the fact that they probably all prefer it that way.  Bobby has several big songs to sing and is likely to be on stage the entire time. It’s a complex and challenging character and whoever plays Bobby will need to have a good, strong vocal range as well as excellent acting ability and a lot of stamina!  Playing age 35, vocal range Bb3 – G#4 (there is an optional A#5)

Sarah – Sarah is married to Harry.  She has a crazy karate scene!  Bobby describes her as cool, tender, foolish, blue eyed.  She’s feisty but loving.  Playing age late 20’s, vocal range alto G3 to E5

Harry – Harry is married to Sarah.  Also part of the crazy karate scene!  He has a bit of a drinking problem.  Playing age late 20’s, vocal range Bb3 – F#4

Susan – Married to Peter although they are getting a divorce.  They also have children together.  Described by Bobby as easy, loving and warm.  Playing age mid to late thirties, vocal range (soprano) A4 to A6

Peter – Probably gay but married (getting a divorce) to Susan.  They have children.  Playing age mid to late thirties, vocal range Bb3 – F#4

Jenny – A self-confessed ‘square’, Jenny is married to David and they have a couple of young children.  Described by Bobby as soft and sweet.  Playing age early to mid-thirties, vocal range (soprano) A4 to A6

David – Married to Jenny, is generally happy with his life.  Playing age early to mid-thirties, vocal range Bb3 – F#4

Amy – Married to Paul.  Described by Bobby as frantic, touching, skinny, sweet, crazy and blue eyed!  Has one of the fastest patter songs in musical theatre history!  Playing age 31, vocal range alto G3 to E5

Paul – Married to Amy.  Calm, loving, a foil to Amy’s craziness! A good man.  Playing age early to mid-thirties, vocal range Bb3 – F#4

Joanne – Married to Larry, who is her third husband.  Cutting, witty, acerbic but vulnerable even though she tries not to show it. Likes a drink or two.  Playing age anything from late thirties to late forties, vocal range (alto with extended low range) C#3 – A5

Larry – Married to Joanne.  He is fascinated by her and likes having a difficult woman as his wife. Playing age 40 upwards, vocal range Bb3 – F#4

Marta – Young, spirited, a big personality – one of Bobby’s current love interests.  She wants everyone to be her friend and she sees NYC as the centre of the Universe.  Playing age early to mid-twenties, vocal range (soprano) A4 to A6

Kathy – One of Bobby’s recent ex’s, Kathy is ‘lovely’ and perhaps the closest to a potential wife that Bobby has had!  Kathy is leaving NYC because she feels out of place, she wants to return home.  Playing age early thirties, vocal range (mezzo soprano) A – F#5

April – An air hostess who describes herself as dumb and not very interesting.  One of Bobby’s current love interests.  Playing age late twenties, vocal range (soprano) A4 to A6

Audition Workshops

There are two parts to the audition workshop:

  • Music Audition
  • Script Work (no preparation needed)

You’ll be needed for approximately one hour for the audition workshop.  Exact timings will be confirmed once we know how many people would like to audition on each date.

Music Audition
There are four parts to the music audition:

  1. Performing a short extract (16 bars or so) of any Sondheim or Sondheim-style song. This does not need to be off-book. Please bring music for accompanist.
  2. Performing one of the short extracts from ‘Company’ (please select from music extracts supplied. A link to a password-protected area of the site will be provided, where you will be able to download PDFs). Again, this does not need to be off-book.
  3. Range check
  4. Holding-a-harmony test (music extracts supplied)

‘Company’ Song Extracts (please choose one to learn)


Please select one of the following extracts (if you specifically wish to try for the role of Amy, please select ‘Getting Married Today’, for Joanne ‘Little Things’ and for Sarah ‘Poor Baby’):

Amy’s verse 1 of Getting Married Today
p84-5 bars 28-46

Joanne’s verse 2 into bridge of Little Things
p28-9 bars 15-33 (NB – please sing an octave lower than notated) 

Sarah’s verse Poor Baby v1
p135 b3-19

Please select one of the following extracts (if you specifically wish to try for the role of Marta, please select ‘Another Hundred People’, or for Jenny ‘Poor Baby’):

Another Hundred People from the middle
p70-72 bars 43 – 65

Poor Baby v2
p136-8 bars 20-35


Tenors and baritones
There are six male roles; all sing up to F#4; Bobby sings G#4.

Please select one of the following extracts (if you specifically wish to try for the role of Robert, please select ‘Being alive’, or for Paul ‘Getting married today’.)

Being Alive
p180-1 bars 88-109

Have I got a girl for you
p59-60 b88-104

Getting Married Today
p93-95 b137-154

‘Company’ Harmony Test Extracts


You could drive a person crazy – knock knock section
p46-47 b69-76

Please learn the middle or lower line to sing while the other parts are played.


p19-20 b94-101

Please learn the top stave lower part to sing while the other parts are played.