I’ve always wanted to do…

Festival Players invites directors, MDs and choreographers to work with us!

Directors, MDs, choreographers – do you have a musical you’d love to do?  Large or small, new or traditional? Let us know.

Historically Festival Players has been a committee-led society.  Meaning that, although we took suggestions for shows from our members, the committee chose the show each year and then sought a team to work on the production.  However, times are changing and we’d like to open things up and invite creatives – together or separately, new or known to us – to bring their pet projects to us to consider for inclusion in our future programme.

Festival Players’ ethos is to produce challenging and exciting musicals. Our programme usually includes a large scale musical each summer (May/June) and either a small scale musical or compilation (touring) show each winter.   However, even if you have an idea that wouldn’t naturally fit into one of those time slots, if you feel it would fit our ethos we’d still love to hear from you.

Our current programme is as follows:-

  • February 2023 – The Rhythm of Life – our next touring show – format and content created/curated by our production team
  • Summer 2023 – Urinetown – a full scale musical (cast of more than around 23)
  • Winter 2024 – A smaller-scale musical, normally with a cast of ~14. Ideas welcome!

As you see, there are many slots to fill so please contact us if you have a passion project in mind.