2016 – Legally Blonde – The Musical

Legally Blonde

Legally Blonde enjoyed a completely sold-out run in May/June 2016

Directed by James Dowson
Musical Director Brian (Tommy) Thomas
Choreographer Matt Hawksworth


Elle Woods – Katie Hook

Serena – Rosie Wells

Margot – Frankie Woolgar

Pilar – Andrea Grosbois

Kate/Ensemble – Georgina Skinner

Paulette – Emma Vieceli

Enid/Ensemble – Lucy Kivlin

Vivienne/Ensemble – Nicola Lugosch

Whitney/Ensemble – Davinia Fisher

Brooke Wyndham/Ensemble – Jenny Lewis

Chutney/Ensemble – Chloe Kitteridge

Elle’s Mom/Judge – Philippa Clark

Warner Huntington III – Simon Young

Emmett Forrest – Max Caldicott

Kyle/Ensemble – James Hayward

Professor Callahan – Jonathan Padley

Elle’s dad/Ensemble – Jerry Lander

Grand Master Chad/Ensemble – Mike Hemingway

Aaron/Ensemble – Arthur Lamb

Sonny/Ensemble – Owen Kivlin

Court reporter/Ensemble – Chris Nash

Photographs by Tim Winn



Elle Woods (UCLA, majoring in Fashion Merchandising) is the homecoming queen with a perfect life mapped out ahead of her, but when her supposed ideal match, Warner Huntington III, dumps her to advance his own prospects she needs to get serious. So she ditches the vacuous world of sororities and pool parties and follows him into Harvard Law (what? Like, it’s hard?).

Can Elle survive the sharks of the classroom and courtroom with just her knowledge of hair crimpers and this year’s fashion must-haves? Or is there a razor keen legal mind emerging from underneath the golden tresses?

Based on the wildly popular movie this is a ridiculously enjoyable musical from start to finish, in equal parts hilarious and heart-warming. With memorable songs and dynamic dances, Elle tackles stereotypes, snobbery and scandal in pursuit of her dreams and also discovers that if she’s going to be a partner in a law firm by the time she’s 30 she needs a boyfriend who’s not a complete bonehead.


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