Main Show 2023 – “Urinetown: The Musical”

Festival Players bring the amazing and unique Tony Award winning “Urinetown: The Musical” to the ADC Theatre in June 2023!

A dystopian near-future sees all public utilities, including toilet access, controlled for profit by a private Mega-Corp. The impoverished masses are barely able to afford regular trips to the bathroom, and if they dare to urinate in public law enforcement will drag them away to the mysterious Urinetown, which is a “bad place filled with symbolism and things like that.”

Full of dark comedy, meta-references, 4th-wall breaking, and a host of original songs parodying all genres of musical theatre. “Urinetown” is arch, knowing, serious, romantic and very funny.

We are now looking for a creative team to take on production of this incredible show. With auditions envisioned for late January 2023 and rehearsals starting in March. If you would like to be considered for Director, Musical Director or Choreographer please email: in the first instance to register your interest.